Regenerative Ecology

"Intergrating local knowledge and permaculture principles to create abundant, resiliencent systems"

We understand that regenerating community in Takure requires more than just rebuilding homes. The life of every family involves the vegetable garden, the animal shed, the flow of water off the roof, the fields where the grain and animal fodder is grown, and the forested ravines where wild plants are gathered daily. Using an integrative design approach, our Agriculture Team (one Nepali and three volunteers, all recent graduates of a local Permaculture Design Course) are focused on agro-forestry, forest gardening and water management on a village level. We hope to support design thinking in home reconstruction through training, example designs and forestry projects, and building connections with existing agriculture resources, both governmental and NGO. We also value the production of nutrient dense perennial and annual vegetables for use in our kitchen and as test site for local farmers. We design our volunteer camp with the goal of creating abundance and fertility, leaving behind a system that will continue to flourish and adapt long after we leave.

We are active everyday at camp, from feeding our composting worms to mapping and assessing sites for future projects. Many volunteers find their time in the nursery, or mulching garden beds, or helping in our neighbor's rice harvest, the highlight of their time in Takure. 

Organic Coffee Cooperative

Regenerative Design

Beyond Organic Agriculture 


Farmer'owned coffee cooperative, 


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Organic Coffee Cooperative

"Forest regeneration through perennial income-generating polycultures."

The hills of Takure rest at 1400 meters, a wonderful location for organic, shade grown coffee plants. Just a short walk away in a neighboring village is a thriving 65 member coffee cooperative, where Lycee fruit and nitrogen-fixing trees shade the coffee bushes and tumeric, ginger and cardomom grow between the coffee. Our large greenhouse has been home to 10,000 organic coffee seedlings since last June, and in a few months we plan to distribute these to local farmers, along with a variety of trees and perennials, to help restore topsoil, minimize eroision and landslides, and create long-term, cooperatively-managed income soruces for generations to come. We are greatful to the many active Nepali organizations supporting organic coffee, including the Coffee Cooperative Union, Sindhupalchok and Beautiful Coffee Nepal. 

Regerative Design

"We gotta make shit better, not just long lasting"

Ya know stuff about life and abundance and the horrors of late stage capitalism and a joke about two guys, one who asks the other "How's you marriage going?" and the other replies "It's sustainable"

Also some thought on integrated design, WASH (water and sanitation and health), reforestry, topsoil, soil diversity

Camp design principles in action etc. 

Desire to host a PDC soon

Mama's food forest

Social permaculture

Beyond Organic Agriculture

"Eat More Kale"

Sourcing of our veggies from local farmers, encouraging organic production.

Camp garden bed making, mulch etc etc.


Social permaculture