Brick training! Conscious Impact is very excited to welcome 4 community members from Eastern Nepal that represent the KTK-BELT Project ( These guests are attending Conscious Impact's first ever Compressed Stabilized Earth Brick training week with Nepali professionals from outside of Takure, Sindhupalchowk.

Our team has been making bricks since November 27 2015, with Auroville's Auram 3000 brick making machine. Members of the KTK-BELT Project have the same machine, making knowledge transfer and experiential education practical. Today we began a 4 day training covering all of the information we have learned ourselves from the past year. The four program participants are making CSEBs alongside our 12 person staff from Takure village.

This is a special step in Conscious Impact's project evolution as it represents a scalable approach to brick making in post-earthquake Nepal. Our team can leverage our experience from this past year, making about 30,000 bricks in rural Nepal. If more organizations and networks of professionals are able to produce their own construction materials from the soil beneath their feet, Nepal can rebuild in a timely, cost effective manor with minimal environmental damage. More people in temporary shelters will be empowered to make decisions about their long term, permanent home.

Conscious Impact supports earth oriented construction methods that respect local communities and their precious resources. CSEB production and construction are means of having rural communities construct their own home with local materials. As Nepal moves forward with rebuilding from the April 25, 2015 earthquake, Conscious Impact is here to serve and teach in whatever capacity that supports localized solutions to villagers around the country.

Thank you for your support and celebrating this landmark moment in Conscious Impact Nepal's young NGO life. We look forward to sharing all we know and learning to rebuild Nepal together. Namaste.

#ComeToNepal #RebuildTakure

Video shot and edited by Jonathan H. Lee (@subtledream)