Before I starting working with Conscious Impact in Nepal, I was managing a cafe in Northern California. I exchanged my tip jar for a raffle ticket jar during my shifts and the other employees graciously kept the jar out on the counter during theirs. I live in wine country, so a couple weeks prior to starting my fundraiser, I called all the local wineries and restaurants in town. I even reached out to friends who offered services are masseurs, hair stylists, and horseback riding instructors. There wasn't a single person/business who turned me down when I asked for a donation. It's incredible how excited people are to give to a good cause and support folks volunteerings in their community. 

The only cost of setting up this fundraiser were the tickets, which cost about $5.

I created a spreadsheet to keep track of all of the donations. When someone bought a ticket, I had them write their full name and phone number on it. Because I had a couple of months to fundraise, I left the raffle open for two months. Tickets were $5 each, so $20 for 5. I found that most people bought 5 and it gave me a great opportunity to talk about Conscious Impact.

I raised $1,653.