Just 24 hours after deciding to remain in Nepal to launch a fundraising campaign to rebuild homes in rural communities hit hardest by the April 25th earthquake, Conscious Impact founders Allen Gula, Juliette Maas and Orion Haas were humbled to make USA Today, one of the United State's most widely read news sources!




We feel blessed to be given such attention, but most importantly we are happy to see a story about Nepal's rebuilding efforts in the headlines. While the earthquake has been a tragedy for many, we also see first-hand the strength of the Nepali people and the bright future ahead. We hope that we can play a small role to support these rebuilding efforts.


The USA Today article, by Margie Fishman, also highlights some of the personal story: "On Tuesday, Gula and his friend, UD senior Juliette Maas, decided to cancel their return flights and remain in Kathmandu to raise money for long-term sustainable building efforts. 'I have worked my whole life to be in this place and do this type of work,' said Gula, who, regretfully, will miss spending Mother's Day with his mom in Seattle. 'It's hard to see things you've seen and then turn around and go home.'"


UPDATE: Since this article was published, Conscious Impact's fundraising campaign has also been covered by local radio WDEL 101.7 in Delaware, NBC 10 in Philadelphia and widely read magazineWired. Please check out these stories and if you know any other media outlets looking for a story, we are always happy to cooperate.


Many blessings from Kathmandu!

Allen Gula and the Conscious Impact Team