Our 1st ever Permaculture Design Course

16 day certification course while living in the foothills of the himalayas


➥ 16 days of combined permaculture lectures and practicals

➥ Yoga/Meditation Classes Daily

➥ Delicious Vegetarian Meals

➥ Cultural Immersion 

➥ Intention Setting

➥ Airport Pickup and Transportation to Takure

➥Work in service alongside the local community through sustainable building, education, and agriculture



Following the April 25th, 2015 earthquake in Nepal, Conscious Impact began supporting the community of Takure to rebuild their homes, their schools and their lives. But to serve others, we must first serve ourselves, and there is no better way to connect inward and build our own strength than through the practice of yoga. For this reason, each year we invite passionate yogis (of every level of experience) from around the world to join us in Nepal to study with Dharma Shakti and to learn from the ancient Hindu and Buddhist traditions practiced in the Himalayas.

This retreat uniquely combines hatha yoga with karma yoga (the yoga of service) and bhakti yoga (the yoga of devotion). We spend our mornings practicing singing traditional Hindu mantras or in silent meditations. Our days are filled with service work, such as: making bricks, helping in the garden, cooking meals or teaching kids at the school. Additionally, we will have two 1.5 hour yoga sessions each day led by Dharma Shakti.

Yogis and yoginis will work hand in hand with local community members and our international volunteer team to sustainably rebuild using a local materials and a variety of techniques, such as: Compressed Stabilized Earth Bricks (CSEB), Rammed Earth, and Earthbag. Your time in Takure may also be spent working with children at the local schools and exploring organic farming practices that support the community and the land. 

This retreat is open to all people of all backgrounds; no experience necessary. We ask only that you come with a passion for service, to yourself and to others. Please register soon as spots are filling up. We look forward to seeing you in Nepal soon!

Give back

75% of the generous donations from our yoga retreat support the local community through our work in sustainable reconstruction, agriculture, and education. The remaining percentage allows us to host and provide meals for hardworking volunteers from all over the world.

$900 16 days of practical permaculture design

$250 for nepali and indian nationals

Scholarships available, see form here.