Volunteer Resources



Volunteer Resources

How to Start Fundraising

First, start a campaign! Work with our team to help determine your goal.

Then, share what you are doing your friends and family

Stay in touch and let us know if you need any help fundraising!


we're here to support you

Need a little inspiration?

Here's How some other volunteers have fundraised

Other Fundraising Ideas

  • ­Volunteer to work in exchange for donations

  • ­Host event at a Nepali or other restaurant, sell tickets, and give a presentation or ask them if they'd be willing to support you in another way

  • ­Teach yoga or fitness classes for donations

  • Sell art, crafts, photos, paintings, poems, baked goods, or grown goods for donations

  • ­Sell tickets for a raffle prizes (donated goods)

  • ­Lead a small, intimate gathering at your home to discuss the work and ask for support

  • ­Get sponsored for a 5k run

  • ­Put on a music event with a local band and sell tickets that will be considered donations

  • ­Give a lunch presentation at your job to ask coworkers for support and to spread the word

  • ­Speak to different community groups to gain support (Seniors Activity Center, College groups, high schools students, church groups, etc)

  • ­Write to outdoors, camping, environmentally conscious companies to ask for donations

  • Represent Conscious Impact at a community event (farmer's market, art fair, etc). Spread the word about our work and ask for donations

  • ­Post flyers at local businesses around town and ask them for support

  • Invite all of your friends to like Conscious Impact on Facebook: takes 10-30 minutes, do it while watching a show and it'll fly by. This creates awareness of our affiliation with the organization with people who may not have seen your post announcing your fundraiser and may start exciting conversations with people you haven't heard from in awhile.


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Fundraising Materials

CI Brochure (last updated 9/29/16), with single page inserts:

Blank: make it your own with a personal note or project update

Donate: accept donations manually and send them to us via email

Recruitment Posters


Fundraising Videos

Nepal Videos

Our volunteer camp late 2015. There have been some changes but this will give you an idea of what to expect.