I am not a fan of big machines. Bulldozers, cranes, 18-wheelers, aircraft carriers, whatever. They scare me. Maybe it’s that they have so much power, or that they at times lack finesse. Overall, I would rarely invite a big machine onto my property. But this last week, that is exactly what we did.

In order to harvest the hundreds of cubic meters of soil that we need to make 150,000+ bricks for homes in Nepal this year, we needed help. Pickaxes just aren’t quite enough. So earlier this week, we had a backhoe (not the nicest name) come for 4 hours to harvest soil and clear space. Wow, that was fast. Before I could even hyperventilate fully, the work was done. And now we have what we need for months to come. Our Nepali staff are happy, and we all know that the work ahead will be easier. Thanks machinery! Now, let’s make bricks for homes

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