The month of November was challenging, even overwhelming. After 6 months of work, we finally moved into our New Camp. With a new kitchen and new common space, this would be our home for the next decade or more. Yet on the second night, we lost our new common space to fire.

Made of bamboo and rice straw, the new roof to our dining and meeting area burned fast and strong. After two and a half hours, there was nothing left but the earthen bench. Fortunately, we were all OK, standing safely beside the flames, comforting each other in the loss. Like many fires around the world, the cause of this one is still unknown.


In the days following the fire, our team of volunteers worked hard to clean the space, and to move forward from the loss. The community of Takure showed up every morning in large numbers to show their support and solidarity with us. They know better than anyone how it feels to lose a home, as they each did in the earthquake of 2015. We held each other with compassion and understanding, and with heavy hearts.

After 5 days cleaning and mourning our loss, we decided it was time to move forward. And no better way to clear the mind and refresh the spirits than to head into the mountains! A group of 10 volunteers joined together to walk two days from our camp, to the base of the Langtang Range, where we would share time around the fire, cook meals together and admire the strength and beauty of the Himalayas. We also carried ashes from the fire to scatter into the wind as an offering of peace, forgiveness, acceptance and love.

Many friends, family and community members have asked us when we will rebuild. The truth is that we are not ready yet, and may not be ready for a few months. We want to rebuild something as beautiful and full of magic as the space we had before. That will take time, like all good things. And in the meantime, we will focus on our other work: a coffee cooperative to serve local farmers, coffee trees to plant across the region, a water tank to provide for the community and caring for each other and the earth every day. If you would like to support our work, please go to or sign up to volunteer with us in Nepal. Thank you!