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Here it is. Our greatest video ever!

It shows our story, our work and the beautiful people and places that make Conscious Impact who we are.

Since the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, Conscious Impact has been committed to the long-term support of the families in and around the village of Takure. We believe that only through continued collaboration is powerful and conscious transformation possible. This video shows our commitment, and asks our supporters (that's you!) to help sustain this work for years to come.

Our commitment to Takure is for the long-term.

We believe that only through sustained support to the people of Nepal can we make a real impact.

Will you help to sustain our work?

We have already planted 15,000+ trees, produced 150,000+ earth bricks and provided safe and empowered learning spaces to more than 150 young boys and girls in Takure. But the work has just begun.

We will continue to serve Takure and the surrounding communities of the Himalayas for the next generation. We will continue to protect the environment and reforest the region. We will continue to invite you to come visit us in Nepal, to our beautiful home in the mountains. Today, we ask for your support to ensure this work can continue.

Join our Sustainer Team today:

This film was made possible the amazing Jonathan H. Lee and the entire Conscious Impact team. Thank you to all of our past volunteers that have poured their hearts and souls into our work. And thank you to everyone that supports us from afar, all across the world. We are SO grateful.

Best wishes from all of us,

The Conscious Impact Team

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